“David Garrard has been my good friend for more than 25 years. He is one of the most knowledgeable and proficient magicians I know. He is also a fantastic entertainer that audiences of all ages can appreciate.”Lance Burton, Las Vegas, NV

It’s no secret! For more than 50 years, audiences throughout the United States have been enjoying The Magic of David Garrard. David’s repertoire includes stage magic, close-up miracles with cards and coins, and even large-scale illusions… all guaranteed to provide mystery, laughter and fun for your organization!  To top it off, David can deliver your message using magic!

David’s show includes plenty of audience participation that makes your people part of the show. David can tailor his tricks and his message to your products and purposes. He can even make your CEO or VIP appear, so just ask! (Go to the Gallery, select It’s Magic! and click on the video icon titled David and Lance Burton to see David make Lance magically appear!)

Plan now to invite David Garrard to your next special event. You’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget David’s close up magic–perfect for trade shows, hospitality suites, cocktail hours, small parties and other intimate settings.

TOPICS– choose from one of these topics or ask David to put together something special just for your organization!

Three Minutes!– David uses Houdini’s strait jacket escape to talk about dealing with adversity
Painting, Moving and Throwing Up!– Doing things you don’t want to do in order to be better
Pursuing Perfection!– The difficult must become habit; the habit easy; the easy beautiful
Teacher, I Need You!– Designed to encourage and thank teachers
Learning to Lose!– Most of us lose more than we win. How do you respond and what can you learn?


David is an expert in close-up magic– magic done with cards, coins and other small objects “up close!”  Many times the magic happens in the spectator’s own hands as well as right under their noses!  Close-up magic creates amazing moments as the spectators are totally involved in the magic.  Visit the Gallery and click on Close-Up Magic to see for yourself!  Close up magic is perfect for hospitality suites, intimate gatherings, cocktail hours and private parties.  It has also proven very effective in stopping traffic in trade show settings!

“I had the great privilege of witnessing David Garrard bring “magic” to the waiting room at Brown Cancer Center yesterday.  I found myself in the presence of not only a hilarious and gifted magician, but a genuine and compassionate man.  The smiles, laughter, and looks of wonderment on the faces of people living with cancer and their friends and family were proof that magic truly makes the world a better place.  David, we don’t know how we can properly thank you for sharing your amazing talent!”     — Melanie Salsbury, Gilda’s Club


Teacher, I Need You!

“Teacher, I Need You!” is designed to encourage and thank school teachers for the amazing work they do. As the program unfolds, David revisits his elementary school days and includes memories (and even a few props!) from those formative years. David tells about the teachers who changed his life forever, and reminds present-day teachers that they are having the same kind of impact whether they know it or not. The presentation includes humor and a touch of magic!

Three Minutes!

Adversity . . . we all face it in some form or fashion.  Sooner or later, we all find ourselves facing challenges that take every bit of our wisdom and our physical and emotional energy to overcome.  How will we respond?  David uses Houdini’s famous strait jacket escape to demonstrate how good teachers equip their students to deal with the challenges they will surely face as life unfolds.  (This presentation has also been adapted for students to encourage them as they prepare for and take achievement tests!)

What They’re Saying!

“Thank you for helping make our 2018 Kentucky Farm Bureau Regional Teacher Workshops a huge success!  The participants laughed and were encouraged by a wonderful mix of magic and inspiration.  It was the perfect program for educators!”Scott Christmas, Kentucky Farm Bureau

“Funny! Entertaining! Inspiring!”Heather Beard, Counselor, St. Matthews Elementary, Louisville, KY

Your performance was fabulous, and perfect for our students!  Thank you for customizing your show to promote our school goals!  Such a treat for all!”
— Mary Kilgore, Principal, Cypress Springs Elementary, Ruston, LA

“Thank you for providing us with a truly magical evening! Folks were raving about your performance. You brought the perfect blend of magic, illusion, humor, and audience participation. Furthermore, you tailored your heartfelt message to our event, raising funds for improved curriculum and professional development in an independent school! It could not have been more fun or more appropriate! We have found a wonderful friend, and we hope to see you again! BRAVO!”Paula Gillispie, Head of School, Oak Mountain Academy, Carrollton, GA

“Thank you for being part of our GISA conference. Your magic and your message was uplifting and encouraging to our teachers. The combination of wit, magic, and warmth that you convey was truly a blessing to all who attended.”Jeff Jackson, President, Georgia Independent School Association

“David Garrard’s performance was captivating and inspiring!  He makes connections with the kids that will help them in the classroom and in life.  I highly recommend bringing this special magic to your school!”Scottie Collier, Principal, St. Matthews Elementary, Louisville, KY

“You were awesome!  So engaging with all of our K-5 students!  I love how your related your magic to education . . .”Lori Loy, Guidance Counselor, Jamestown Elementary, Jamestown, KY


David has a special understanding of the dynamics of an Upward Awards Night program. He has been on board with Upward from the very beginning, and has performed for hundreds of Awards Night programs. He has been a featured entertainer for Upward national training seminars. To top it all off, David ran an Upward league for his church for 21 years!

David has developed several special tricks for Awards Nights that feature Upward logos and points of emphasis, including the beautiful White Star which he always uses to close his program. (This routine can be viewed in the Gallery under Upward.)

David Garrard . . . the Upward Awards Night entertainer who also ran a league!

“Thank you for being such a vital part of Upward Sports! Your gifts are perfect for what we want to see happen on Awards Night!” — Caz McCaslin, Upward Sports, Spartanburg, SC

(Visit the Gallery and Click on Upward to view pictures and video clips from David’s Upward programs.)

Click here for David’s 2018 Halftime Activities– a compilation of eight of his favorites from previous years!

Click here to read Magic takes minister places other pastors can never go.


“You’re about to have a blast! Get ready for the Magic of David Garrard!”Alex Kendrick, Director of Facing the Giants and Fireproof!

Click here to read Magic takes minister places other pastors can never go

David Garrard offers the perfect program for your church with magic that entertains and a message that inspires! Selected tricks, such as David’s Bannerman routine (based on the Steve Taylor song and viewable in the Gallery under Upward), illustrate Biblical truths in ways that are meaningful and memorable!

Deceived is a magic show, guaranteed to entertain and provide fun! But it is more than just that! As the evening unfolds, David encourages the audience to choose wisely as they ponder the important choices life offers. He uses his 50 plus years of experience and knowledge as a magician to help those who are watching better know how to avoid being deceived and fooled in ways that are not fun, but rather dangerous, and even deadly. In the end, David challenges everyone to put Jesus at the center of their lives and to trust and follow Jesus—Jesus who claimed to be ultimate truth, and who said the secret to knowing the truth lies in knowing Him.

It takes a team to make the magic happen in a Las Vegas-style magic show! The same is true for any organization. David uses magic to recognize and celebrate the people who work behind the scenes to make it happen.

David helps parents and kids celebrate the magic in their relationship with special tricks that dads and daughters or mothers and sons do together. He closes with words of challenge and inspiration designed to keep these relationships strong and growing.

David loves VBS and helps lead Bible School each year at his own church in Kentucky! At your VBS Celebration (or kickoff event), David will use magic to create energy around your VBS and more importantly, around the message of God’s amazing love!

Fall Festivals and Halloween alternatives are a great way to connect with your community! David’s magic makes theperfect addition to anything you might have planned! Plus, October is National Magic Month! Be sure to call early as these dates are limited!

David uses money magic to entertain and to help people understand that trusting God with your life means trusting God with your money! Perfect for Stewardship Banquets and Capital Campaigns!

Not a magic show, but a special message that uses three familiar objects to illustrate three life-changing truths!

A special message that challenges listeners to center their identity in Christ!

Go backstage with David and learn a few tricks that will help you keep your act together as a couple! Designed for single or multiple sessions. Does not include learning how to make your spouse disappear!


Be a life-longer learner! Set goals and work hard to achieve them! Read! Make good choices! Learn to work with
others! David uses magic to illustrate each of these lessons learned from his life as a magician! The show features lots of audience participation, including a trick where a teacher and a student work together to make the magic happen!

David uses magic to show how the impossible becomes possible when we work together!

A professional magic show makes a perfect fund-raising event for your school! David produces the show! You provide the venue and promote the show to students, families and the community! This one is a real winner!

Teacher, I Need You! is designed to encourage and thank teachers for the amazing work they do. As the program unfolds, David revisits his elementary school days and includes memories (and even a few props!) from those formative years. David tells about the teachers who changed his life forever, and reminds present-day teachers that they are having the same kind of impact whether they know it or not. The presentation includes humor and a touch of magic!

“Funny! Entertaining! Inspiring!”Heather Beard, St. Matthews Elementary, Louisville, KY