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11 easy-to-learn tricks to amaze your friends and family!

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15 easy-to-learn tricks with numbers!

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25 easy-to-do tricks, stunts and puzzles!

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Out of My Hat

Written by the late Roger Omanson, Out of My Hat features some of the magic that has made David Garrard popular with audiences throughout the United States for almost 50 years and garnered him appearances at several major magic conventions.

Out of My Hat includes close-up magic as well as stage effects, children’s routines and illusion tips and ideas.  In addition to David’s magic, Out of My Hat also features magic from some of David’s friends: Steve Bargatze, David Ginn, Tommy Ellison, Fantasio, Dan Garrett, James Hargrave, Mac King, Steve Marshall and Dan Stapleton!

Beautifully produced, Foreword by Lance Burton, 250 pages with more than 100 photographs and a video link to help with learning.

Available in softcover and hardback.

Click here to read the review of David’s book that appeared in MUM!

Praise for Out of My Hat

“Full of solid, practical thinking.  A serious addition to my library.”

“David Garrard’s “Out of My Hat” is a great collection of material, from close-up to illusions—it’s all practical, it’s all commercial, and it’s filled with exactly the sort of ideas that make you excited about performing magic. David also includes stories and insights that make you excited about being involved in magic.”
— Jim Steinmeyer

“David Garrard has taken simple techniques and by adding interesting premises and presentation turned them into real world performance pieces that can quickly and easily be added to almost any performance.”
Brent Braun, creator of Torched and Restored and Position Impossible

“Not only is this one of best books we have sold in our 40 years, it is also probably the greatest value relative to cost.  If you are serious about the art, you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not read and absorb Out of My Hat!  Highly respected by his peers, it is rare for someone to share their best professional routines which run the gamut from close-up, parlor and stage.  All seasoned with the incredible creative genius of David Garrard!”
— Joe Stevens, Stevens Magic

“This is an exceptional book with classic routines that I will refer to again and again!”
— Jim Kleefeld, MUM Magazine

“All A material!”
— Stephen Bargatze

Softcover, $40 plus $5 shipping & handling
Hardcover Edition, $75 plus $5 shipping & handling

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Other Products from David Garrard


A crime has been committed!  A suspect is in custody!  Now all we need is someone to verify the identity by looking through our police sketch book!  Inspired by an idea from Jim Steinmeyer, Lineup is a brand new version of David’s hit trick, Sketch-O-Magic!  Like the original trick, Lineup packs flat, plays big, is suitable for any audience and resets instantly!  Plus it’s easy to do!  $30 plus shipping.  Click here to watch David perform The Lineup!  Click here to read a product review from the April 2020 Linking Ring.


Magician correctly predicts the exact total of a five course meal freely ordered from a menu containing multiple entrees with multiple prices!  Easy to do!  $60 plus shipping.  Click here to watch David perform Dining Out!


A secret message magically appears on license plates previously shown to be blank!  The message can be customized to suit your audience and the occasion.  A new take on an old idea!  $30 plus shipping.  Click here to watch.  (Note: The Smoke Gimmick not included.  Standard routine uses flash paper.)


Spectator creates their own picture from a sketch pad containing several dozen segments of artwork.  When the performer’s prediction is removed from an envelope, it perfectly matches the picture the spectator has created!  Easy to do!  $25 plus shipping.


Same great trick as Sketch-O-Magic but with a DIFFERENT prediction!  Perfect for multiple performances for the same audience.  $25 plus shipping.


Three (jumbo) cards travel between sealed envelopes held by spectators.  But not just any three cards!  The cards that travel are the same three cards selected by audience members– one of which was merely thought of!  $35 plus shipping.  Click here to watch David perform Cards Across.

“I have been using David’s handling for years.  Just doesn’t get any better than this!”   –Stephen Bargatze


Following the classic cards across plot, but done with jumbo animal cards, children choose which 3 animals are going to leave the zoo and join the circus!  $35 plus shipping.

Click here to watch David perform Cards Across for Kids . . . and don’t miss the young boy’s reactions when he realizes what has happened!


A red lollipop and a purple lollipop magically change places– in the hands of a spectator!  The spectator can keep the lollipops as souvenirs!  $20 plus shipping.


Magician reveals a number that the spectator has merely thought of!  Easy to do and easy to carry (the 6 cards used for the trick are business-card size).  Can be repeated. $5 plus shipping.


Magician locates a selected card and in the process changes four cards, including the selection, into a picture or corporate logo!  Instructions, plus the special cards you need to perform this extremely versatile and commercial effect.  $10 plus postage.  Click here to watch David perform Picture Perfect.


A borrowed and signed bill vanishes from a sealed envelope and is found inside the card case!  Instructions plus the special card you need to perform this amazing trick from David’s book!  $10 plus postage.  Click here to watch David perform ATM.


In this version of the classic Anniversary Waltz plot, two separate and signed selections magically fuse together into a single card!  Instructions plus enough of the special cards you need for 5 performances!  $15 plus postage.  Click here to watch David perform Two Become One.


With a little help from the US Playing Card Company the magician resets a faulty deck to proper working condition!  Instructions plus the special card you need.  $10 plus postage.  Click here to watch David perform Recall.


A magical tie “keep” that holds a tie in place invisibly without damaging the tie in any way!  $5 for two plus postage.


A classic effect in magic!  An unbelievably beautiful piece of equipment hand-crafted by Norm Nielsen himself!  A true collector’s item!

This prop is in mint condition.  Email David at garrard@bellsouth.net for additional information.

Click here for a closer look at this amazing piece of magic!